Project Eden

A psychological horror game that mixes video games with a real life play.

Game overview

  • My job: game designer, level designer, programmer.
  • 3D
  • First Person
  • Psychological horror
  • Mixed with real life play
  • PC

Project Details

Development time: 8 weeks (April 2014 – June 2014). 

Project Eden is a psychological horror experience that mixes video games with a real life play. It fused the real life world with that of the video game. A real life actor playing the role of the professor will welcome the player in his laboratory. After signing that the professor cannot be held accountable for any harm, the player is taken inside a test room and gets to play the game. While playing the game the player will soon learn that something is not right with the professor. When contact between the two is suddenly lost the real game begins.

My Tasks

This project tried to combine the real world with that of a video game. Because of that it was a challenge to design a game that would work with the overall narrative we tried to tell. It was my job to weave the game’s narrative in the levels.

Made in: Unity