Dig Duo

Grab powerful power-ups while you dig down deeper to beat your opponent in this two player versus game.

Game overview

Project Details

Development time: 48 hours

The result of our 48 hour Bacon Game Jam is Dig Duo, a two player game where you have to dig your way through different types of rock. The game features special power-ups like a drill to make you go down faster and a teleporter to create exciting last minute saves. Dig Duo got 4th place out of the 177 contenders and got ranked highest in both the Gameplay and Graphics category.

Link to our Game Jam page: https://bacongamejam.org/jams/bacongamejam-09/354/

My tasks

For this game jam I worked on the game’s mechanics and prototyping the power-ups. It was my responsibility to make sure the game was fun and interesting to play.

Made in: Unity