Team Builder

The China-Dutch International Game Jam game that helps disabled people in China find a job.


Game overview

  • My job: game designer
  • 2nd Place in the Sino-Dutch game jam
  • Puzzle game
  • Singleplayer
  • Smartphone
  • Collect the right people each level ranging from blind to dead to non-disabled people

Project Details

Development time: 48 hours.

In November 2015 I traveled to the China to participate in a game jam at the Guangzhou University of Fine Arts. The theme of this game jam was disabled people. In China disabled people are not deemed as worthy as non-disabled people. We were tasked to create a game that shows the Chinese government, in a playful way, that disabled people can be useful.

In the game disabled and non-disabled people are represented by 2D images. Each level the player has to go from point their home to their office collecting a specific amount of points in Visual, Audio and Design. Each disabled or non-disabled person gives a different amount of points in each category based on what their disability is. For example; a blind person would give 0 points in Audio, 2 in Visual and 1 in Design. The levels are randomly generated. The goal is to have exactly the specified points in each category when the player reaches the office.