Team Builder

The China-Dutch International Game Jam game that helps disabled people in China find a job.


Game overview

  • My job: game designer
  • 2nd Place in the Sino-Dutch game jam
  • Puzzle game
  • Singleplayer
  • Smartphone

Project Details

Development time: 48 hours.

In November 2015 I traveled to the China to participate in a game jam at the Guangzhou University of Fine Arts. The theme of this game jam was disabled people. In China disabled people are not deemed as worthy as non-disabled people. The goal was to create a game that shows the Chinese government, in a playful way, that disabled people can be useful.

In the game disabled and non-disabled people are represented by 2D images. Each level has the player go from their starting point to their office, making sure they collect the correct amount of Visual, Audio and Design points along the way.  Each person gives a different amount of points in each category based on what their disability is. For example; a deaf person would give 0 points in Audio, 2 in Visual and 1 in Design. The levels are semi-randomly generated.