Anpu and Pon

Complete puzzles and use math to get to ancient treasures.

Game overview

  • My job: game designer, level designer
  • Math game for children
  • Puzzle game
  • Learn math by completing puzzles

Project Details

Development time: 4 months
Anpu and Pon is a puzzle game created to let children learn how to apply math. You play as Anpu, a treasure hunter that came to this jungle to find some treasure. Your buddy Pon is your backpack. By incorporating math in the core level design phylosophy, the game became a lot more engaging that if we had just filled it with math questions. Apples can be thrown into a basket to tilt a bridge, pots can be placed to move a platform and pillars can be moved to open a new pathway. Kids have to think of ways to apply what they learned in school in order to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Made in: Unity