Join the fight in this competitive AAA shooter for the OculusVR, as either a soldier or a powerful Strider.

Game overview

  • Virtual Reality
  • Singleplayer & Multiplayer
  • 3D

My Work:

  • Quality Assurance tester
  • Held daily standup meetings to stay in sync with the team
  • Exploratory, regression and compatibility testing.
  • Created detailed reports of bugs and gameplay feedback in JIRA

Project Details

In this competitive twin-stick shooter you have to face either a horde of AI to complete your mission or other players. You can choose to fight in intense 1v1 battles or to fight side by side with a teammate against two other players. If things get tough you can summon your big mechanical Strider that’s specific to your class. Whoever completes the map’s objectives first wins the map. This keeps going in a tug-of-war style gameplay until there is one final winner.

My work

I joined the Landfall team during the summer break, as I did not want to be bored while waiting for my final schoolyear to start. During those few months, I worked on Quality Assurance using the SCRUM method. I participated in daily internal playtest and ensured our multiplayer levels were in a good state before launch. Using Jira, I worked closely with the rest of the team to fix issues as soon as possible.

I learned a lot about how a large studio functions and what each department (programming, artist, designers, producers, etc.) values in communication.

Made in: Unreal