Level Design Study: FPS/MMO

This personal project was looking to answer the difference in core level design between FPS and MMORPGs.

Project overview

Project Details

Development time: 7 months (January 2017 – July 2017).

As I have always been interested in the level design of First Person Shooters and Massive Multiplayer Online games, I wondered what their differences were. To learn about these differences I decided to create two versions of the same area set in their respective genres, and see where they were different. To make sense of it all I have written both a research document as well as a level design document, detailing the differences both versions have. This includes gameplay rules for both fictional games as well as an extremely in-depth look at their level designs.


Halvita is a city torn apart by its royal family, dividing the rich and the poor with huge walls. Since the king sees magic as a threat to his power, anyone with magic powers will get arrested and never heard of again. While in the MMORPG version an uprising seems to be happening soon, the FPS is set a bit in the future, at the moment of the uprising. Under the leadership of a few resistance leaders with magic powers, the poor people blew a hole in one of the walls. This was the start of the revolution. This slight change in narrative allowed for more creative options when it came to the level design.
(For the in-depth analysis download the ZIP at the top)

Made in: Maya & Unity