Memory Trees

Fight monsters, expand your farm and build relationships in this crowd-sourced RPG.

Game overview

  • My job: game designer, level designer
  • Singleplayer RPG
  • Combat, farm life and relationships
  • Crowd-sourced on Patreon
  • DOWNLOAD & PLAY (WindowsMAC)

Project Details

Development: ongoing

Memory Trees is a love letter to the old Rune factory and Harvest Moon games. As fans of the series we decided we wanted to take our own spin on the experience it provides. With the help of our supporters on Patreon we are able to build a game together with our community. We constantly iterate based on their feedback and livestream our development over at As the lead Game Designer in this small team I take on many tasks. I create levels from scratch and give our community the final polished product. From greyboxing to environment animations and from lighting to particles, all are done by me. Besides building levels I am in charge of the features that make it into the game and create our GDD.

Game website:

Created in: Unity