Crystal Hunters

Complete math quests to power up your team in the search for magical crystals.

Game overview

  • My jobs: Game Designer, UI Designer, Playtest Coordinator
  • Educational Math Game
  • Mini games, Math, Team Combat

Project Details

A strategic adventure game set in a 2,5D world. Players complete math quests to power up their characters hunting for crystals in the core game. Math quests follow expert-developed didactic structure. The goal for me as a Game Designer was to make the players learn math without knowing by making the math puzzles integrated in the overall game structure. This was done through various mini games that each gave the player an unique gameplay experience. It was important to make the mini games feel like real games, where it just so happens that the mechanic to complete it used math. Throw some meta systems like Reward Roads and Achievements over it and you have a game that makes players come back every single day after school.

Examples of Mini game UI Design:

Example of Reward UI Design in Portrait/Landscape mode:

Created in: Unity