Crystal Hunters

Complete math quests to power up your team in the search for magical crystals.

Game Overview

  • Educational Math Game, Unity
  • Minigames, Math, Team Combat

Work Overview

  • My jobs: Game Designer, UI Designer, Playtest Coordinator
  • Analyzed problem the game was facing upon joining.
  • Spearheaded complete redesign to align more with target audience.
  • Create UI mockups, UX flows, puzzle gameplay and lead playtests.
  • Analyed playtest data to iterate on puzzles.
  • Consulted weekly with partnered education professional to make sure project was hitting our goals.

Project Details

A strategic 2,5D adventure game where players complete math minigames to power up their characters hunting for crystals in the core game. Math quests follow expert-developed didactic structure. My main goal was to make the players learn math without realizing it. We achieved this by obfuscating the math in the minigames, and integrating those minigames in the core gameplay loop. Each minigame had to feel unique, so the minigames wouldn’t feel formulaic and thus break the illusion, highlighting the math each minigame actually centered around. We added a Reward Road and Achievements to make the game more rewarding and fun, while also creating incentives for players to come back and learn together with us.

Minigame UI Design, from mockup to in-game:

Reward UI Design mockup in Portrait/Landscape mode:

Created in: Unity