Mixing parkour with a third-person parkour hero shooter. Blow up in style.

Game overview

  • My job: Level Designer
  • Parkour hero shooter
  • High mobility, fast paced action

Project Details

Because of the high mobility parkour mixed with the shooter genre, there are many challenges the Level Design team has to face. In order to better accommodate the hyper mobility I had to make sure levels were spacious enough for epic parkour action. At the same time, players had to be able to shoot each other. The solution was to create engagement areas that had created in such a way so that at the very least you were able to hit an enemy with splash damage if they were zipping around the map. Huge open areas felt good to the player doing the parkour, but not to the enemy trying to shoot them.

Frozen Post map – Fully Arted
Parkour Training map – Blockout
Western Remake map – Blockout

Created in: Unity