Level Design/Mods

GameJam: DigDuo

Earlier this year me and a group of friends took on the Bacon Game Jam challenge to create a game in 48 hours based on depth. The result was Dig Duo, a two player game where you have to dig your way down first through different types of rock. The game featured different kinds of power-ups like a drill to make you go down faster and a power-up that spawns Obsidian rock, the strongest type of rock in the game. Dig Duo got 4th place out of the 177 contenders and got ranked highest in both the Gameplay and Graphics category.

Link to our Game Jam page: https://bacongamejam.org/jams/bacongamejam-09/354/

Radiant – Call of Duty Zombies modding

I have always had a big love for the Call of Duty Zombies part of the game. I always loved theorizing on the story and making my own maps in Radiant. Thanks to the big modding community like there are always enough people to test and play your maps. Some screenshots of the maps I made can be seen down below.


 RPG Maker VX ACE – War Melody

I always loved playing Role-Playing Games for as long as I can remember. While you can put a lot of creativity and variety in your own team members, I was always a bit disappointed when I couldn’t go off the beaten path. This inspired me to create my own classic RPG where players could make choices that really have a big impact on the game. While it is still very much a work in progress below are some early screenshots of the game.