About me

That’s me.


I’m a 24 years old guy living in the Netherlands. I graduated from the HKU in 2017 in Game and Level Design. Here I learned everything that has to do with creating games, from creating a game design documents, to modeling in Maya, sculpting in Zbrush and working in Unity & Unreal. Multiplayer games are in my opinion the best way to experience video games. When there is an interaction between two or more players, something special happens. This moment can be built upon with game features to create all kinds of unique content only present in multiplayer games.

So… who am I?

I am a game designer that has a passion for level design. It sounds really corny, but I just love creating worlds that people can explore and have fun in. I am a team-oriented person with a straight to the point analytical approach. Video games have been a part of my life from the very start. One of the first games I got was Pokemon Red for the Gameboy Color. I can’t remember how many times I started that game over after beating it, I think it’s close to a hundred times. Right now, I love playing on both my PC and my Playstation 4.


LF> fun people to make games with 🙂